This is the collective blog for the MRes Fine Art programme, which I have titled ‘Klein Bottle’ partly because I can, and partly because it is a puzzling topological form…it is, like it’s undergraduate form, the Mobius Strip, a non-orientable surface, but somewhat more challenging when you try to figure out the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of it (in actual and figurative terms).

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It becomes even more ironic, when set against alongside the traditional notion of the educator ‘filling the vessel’ of the learner with knowledge, an idea which immediately places the reader in the position of having to engage in a dialogue that seeks to question what that means. As such, it embodies the modes arising from the teachings of the Academy and Lyceum as opposed to the more ‘primitive’ awareness brought about through the Socratic Dialogue.

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Um, and this is where it all begins…with Anaximader. The Father of Poor Referencing, and the Cylindrical Model of the Earth.